Bunny Juice Is A Great Juicing Recipe For Kids

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Green monster juice is a fairly popular juicing recipe amongst children. The best juicing recipes include a fair amount of vegetables like celery and spinach. Green Monster Juice is a great recipe if you like the taste of ginger because of the ginger root that is a part of the recipe. A good recipe is something that can take time to develop. You will find a lot of good recipes out there that will include blueberries and or strawberries. People are looking to improve their diet and blueberries can help when you are talking about a juicing recipe.


A juicing recipe that includes lemon may not be all popular if you do not like sour drinks that will make you pucker too much. Bunny juice is another juicing recipe that kids will get a kick out of. They like the idea of learning about how to make the drink themselves and they also like the name bunny juice because they think bunnies are cute. The recipe is very basic given that it includes two red apples and carrot juice. The mixer that is used in order to create a great juicing recipe can be very important. The juicer needs to have several safety features and be easy to clean. Juicing recipes like bunny juice do not take a lot of time and you can even make it in the morning when the kids are first getting up and starting the day.

Giggle Juice

Giggle Juice is another recipe that the kids will truly like. The recipe includes both watermelon and cucumber. Kids really like the sweet nature of watermelon and they definitely need to get used to a staple vegetable like the cucumber for example. A cucumber can appeal to a large number of people that did not realize that it would fit well in a number of juicing recipes. The key is for people to keep an open mind when it comes to juicing recipes.

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